The Mint Salon

established in 2012

Lyndsay and Taylor


The Mint Salon was founded in 2012 in Kennewick. After purchasing Pilea Salon Lyndsay decided to give it a makeover and a fresh new name. Pilea Salon was already filled with such amazing, talented stylists and Lyndsay brought in a few of her best friends with her and jumped right in.

The name The Mint came from a family trip to New Orleans. The US Mint building, where they once printed money, is such a beautiful building covered in ivy and that is when The Mint really stuck in Lyndsay’s mind. It sounded fresh, crisp and simple to say.

In 2017 our building got sold and it was time to regroup and focus 100% on what Lyndsay loved most about being in this industry. The people. Giving clients their best hair. And building relationships with them.

6 months down the road Lyndsay approached Taylor into going in to business with her and going to look at this crazy building in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Richland. The building looked like a nightmare at first, but they had a vision.

The vision was a smaller, more intimate place where everyone felt welcome. Both Lyndsay and Taylor had worked in larger salons and knew they wanted a change. They wanted to come to work every day and feel surrounded by family; clients and coworkers both. Lyndsay and Taylor are passionate about keeping their clients and education as a top priority, and always bringing new techniques and styles to their clients.

The mission of The Mint is to make every person feel welcome, cared for and feel better than they did when they walked in the salon. 

We look forward to making your hair dreams a reality.