Our Squad


Lyndsay rodgers,
stylist & owner


Lyndsay Rodgers has been in the industry for over 14yrs, doing what she loves best, making people smile. Her infectious laugh and her ability to do incredible hair is what keeps her clients coming back. Working as platform makeup artist for TIGI early in her career has taught her the importance of a detailed consultation and communication with each client. She enjoys her pups Jasper and Jemma as well as spending time with her friends and most importantly her family.


taylor boehnke,
co-owner & stylist


Taylor has been in the industry for 13 years. Her passion and drive to continue her education is what makes Taylor one of the best stylists in our area. She gives the most thorough consultation to guarantee that each and every client gets exactly what they’re desired result is. She has worked for both TIGI and Label M as a platform artist to feed her hunger for education and bringing the latest and greatest in our industry straight back to her clients. She does all of that while keeping a rigorous training schedule for her triathlons. In her free time she enjoys traveling to different triathlon races with her husband, enjoying a good glass of prosecco and spending time with her family and friends. 


danica townsend,


As a color specialist, Danica has over 10yrs experience. Attending intensive cutting and color courses has given her knowledge and confidence. Her free time consists of spending summers by the pool and hanging out with her husband and two beautiful girls. What she enjoys most is making her clients feel refreshed and beautiful when they leave the salon.


bailee drussel,


In just a little over a year Bailee has set herself apart as a lash and brow artist. Her bubbly personality and amazing skill is no wonder Bailee has created such a following so fast. She specializes in lash extensions. Volume lashes, classic and hybrids, she does them all. She can really create the perfect look for each individual client. She keeps herself busy with lashes but also is great at eyebrow microblading and has taken master fusion brow classes. She does facial waxing as well. She loves the relationships she has built with her clients and making them feel beautiful. Bailee is very family oriented and loves being around all of her family when she isn’t working, especially her cute nieces and nephews.